Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Hi Friends,
First off I'd like to apologize that I haven't posted in over 6 months.  I'm sorry for that but I can tell you that it was a very busy summer.  You may ask what I have been doing and to be honest I can't really tell you specifics as to what I was doing other than I did do alot of crocheting.  So that has taken up alot of my time.  In April I responded to an add on one of our local Facebook adds looking for someone who could crochet "cute purses". The person had a couple of examples of what she was looking for.  So I responded and made this purse for her....

The pattern that I used was from CuteLittleCrafts on Etsy here,  The customer that I was working for wanted the tote smaller than the pattern so I had to do several adjustments on the pattern and it took several phone calls back and forth between the customer and I before I had the right size for her.  After that initial owl tote.  She than asked for a Hello Kitty that was made from a Russian picture that had no pattern and also a hat that I made up.  See those below:

The Russian Hello Kitty Bag was quite a challenge.  It had alot of pictures I could go by which gave a hint of how to make it. I found that I really enjoyed figuring out how it was made.  I was very happy with how it turned out and so was my customer.  I think this bag would look really wonderful in different colors and with out the Hello Kitty.  If you are interested in any of these items you can find them in my shop here or on our Facebook page The 2 Hookers Shop here.  
If you do stop by either our shop on Etsy or our Facebook page we'd love it if you could favorite our shop and/or like our Facebook page.  Thank you for stopping by and please stop back again soon.  I plan on blogging on a regular basis!!  Have a great week

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