Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Funny Post and a New Venture

So, I am always trying to expand my thinking of new ways to market our business And by doing so I run across alot of articles on working from home.  The other day I ran across a rather funny one from wahadventures.com that was really cute and very relateble.  It is titled "7 things you'll hate about working from home"
The very first one was one I think we all can relate to.  Do you ever get this look when you tell someone you work from home?  Especially if you tell them you crochet for a living.  Its a look like this:

This just really cracked me up because it is sooo true.  Even when I was in direct marketing and earned my own free van for 6 years I STILL got that look.  Unless you have worked from home most will not understand the challenges that we have.
The article goes on to talk about the expense of  having to buy a good computer if you work from home and any additional software that you may need. And of course then there is the challenges of your home life interfering with your work life and all the distractions your home life can bring such as pets, children and also friends and family.  People think because your home your not really doing anything and are available for them to pop in on.
And then there is the "benefits" of working at home.  You can literally roll out of bed and get to work.  No shower, no brushing your teeth and no changing out of your pajama's.  Just plop right down and get to work.

Although we all have great intentions of running our business like a 9-5, it is easy to fall into the trap of being in our pjs all day and sneaking off to take a nap.  And when we do dress for work the usual attire is sweat pants and a tshirt.

I don't know about you but this article really hit home for me.  My favorite place to work is in my easy chair in earshot of the TV.  I can't say that I actually watch the TV but it is always on while I am working.  So I ask myself, how much more work would I get done if I worked in the space that I actually created for me to work in. I have an office space all set up and wold probably get a ton more work done and have less distractions then what I do right now.  So I have made a commitment to "try" to go to work in my office every day.

Now with that said, I'm not sure that my work day will end at 5p like most people.  It is too hard when you have an Internet business to stop work at a certain time when you have different time zones that you are working with.  And I can't promise that I will always get dressed.  But it is a start!

So I challenge you to try to make an effort to schedule work time as if you work in an office.  I would love to hear how this works out for you.  I love comments and would love to hear your opinions!!

Until next time...

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