Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Getting Ready For the Grand Opening for My Second Etsy Shop is Taking Longer then Planned

I have been working for over a month trying to get enough merchandise ready to open my second Etsy shop.  I have at least a dozen items crocheted.  It's the finish work that is taking the longest.  Making the flowers, all the buttons and  yarn tails that need to be tucked.  UGG.  Silly me,I thought I could whip it all out in one day.     Plus I still have pictures to take of everything. And then write all the descriptions for each item plus washing instructions.  This is when I wish I had an assistant.  Haha.
Part of my distraction is checking out the thousands of wonderful blogs in the blogging world.  If you look at my blog roll you'll see just a portion of the blogs that I have read in the last few days. If you have a chance check some of them out.  There is so much talent on each blog. And if you are looking for free patterns for either crochet or crafts each one of them either offers their own pattern or a link to someone else's blog that has their own free pattern.  Hence the reason I have gotten so distracted.  Once I start blog hopping I can't quit.  lol
And then somehow I stumbled upon this really great website that I am totally in love with. It is called kollabora.com.  The site has tutorials for those that are just starting out and you can even buy the supplies with out having to run all over town to buy the things you need.  There is even some free patterns on there.
You can follow and like posts just like Pinterest.  Here are a few cool  things that I found:

The cool thing is that is not just crochet.  There is jewelry making, sewing, knitting and many other things.
*Reader beware....its addictive!  lol...Until next time...


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